Pushups For Beginners -
Yes You Can!

Pushups for beginners is a must to learn! Even if you can’t do a single pushup on the floor, you can still make pushups a valuable part of your weight loss routine!

By using an elevated surface, you can progress lower until you will be able to do them flat on the floor!

To learn how to do pushups, lean against a countertop, a sturdy table or chair, or anything that will support you…by elevating your upper body, you will be making the pushup easier – and you are still using the same muscles as if you were on the ground!

With practice, and as you get stronger, you will be able to progress lower and lower until before you know it, you will be able to do them on the floor!

Elevated push up

View the video below to learn 3 ways to work up to doing a pushup!

When you can do a couple of pushups or even a partial one, try this…
Do what you can on the floor, then - while your muscles are still burning - immediately move to something elevated like a chair, bench, or arm of a couch and do as many as you can at that height. This will still be using the same muscles, but at an easier angle.

Another “trick” for pushups for beginners ... is to do what’s called “negatives”…start from the up position and slowly lower yourself down as far as you can using correct form. After you reach the floor, go to your knees or whatever you have to do to get back to the up position and slowly lower yourself again.

Lowering yourself (the negative part of the pushup) is actually harder than the pushing part (concentric part of the pushup).

Two Common mistakes when doing pushups…

Butt up in the air and sagging back: Both of these are caused by weak core muscles.

If your core (abs, lower back, etc.) are not strong enough to keep your body straight, you will compensate for it by sticking your butt up in the air or letting your back sag. How can you fix it?

The plank exercise

Practice doing planks
these are a great exercise for the core! They will tighten your abs and strengthen your back. Simply get on your elbows,tighten up and straighten out your body and lift off the floor. Stay in this static position. Keep your abs tight and do not let your back sag!

Practice holding it for 15 seconds, then longer until you can hold it for a minute or more at a time. This will really help you do pushups as a beginner!

You may also feel a lot of tension in your legs while doing pushups...

This is because your leg muscles – especially the front of your thighs (your quadriceps) – have to contract to keep your legs straight. If this is a weak point for you, how do you fix it?

Doing squats – especially front squats with your feet directly below your hips and toes pointing straight ahead focuses strengthening your quadriceps. Making these stronger will help you perform pushups the correct way by!

No matter what your fitness level, if you are trying to lose weight, you need to be doing pushups!

If you can not do pushups on the floor, be patient. Keep doing them on an elevated surface and before you know it, you will be able to do them on the floor!

And don't worry - even if you can't do them on the floor, learning how to do pushups on a counter or bench will STILL be helping you lose weight! Don't give up...YOU CAN DO IT!

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