15 Tips To Lose The Fat and Keep It Off...Including 5 "Tricks" To Make You Feel Full and STOP Overeating!

To lose the fat for GOOD, slowly change your eating patterns and align them with the ones here....

1. Excess calories make you fat, so eat less and move more!

2. Feed your body every 2 – 3 hours, with most of the calories being eaten earlier in the day.

3. Get the right percentage of proteins (20%), carbs (55%) and fats (25%).

4. Avoid excess fat and too much simple sugars.

5. Eat the right kind of fats; unsaturated, omega 3’s, (olive oil, nuts, cold water fish).

6. Choose minimally processed foods, whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies as much as possible and eat a wide variety of foods.

Think of all the hundreds of foods and food combinations that you haven’t tried!

7. If you have a problem eating too much and stuffing yourself, try some or all of these tricks:

(a) putting smaller servings on your plate and eating more slowly.

(b) Use a smaller plate!

(c) Before you’re “full”, get up and walk away from the table – get away from the food! Within a few minutes, your brain will register that you are pleasantly satisfied and you’re not really hungry after all.

(d) Drink a glass of water before you eat and that will help curb your appetite.

(e) Eat a handful of almonds or other nuts a few minutes before your meal - The fiber and healthy fat in them will help fill you up and make you not so hungry.

8. Count calories if you need to, to lose the fat. But only until you get the “feel” for what your body needs on a daily basis and you know how much to eat of certain foods.

9. Learn to read (and understand) food labels.

10. Keep fat grams between 20 – 50 grams/day.

11. Drink water. As long as your “pee” is somewhat clear, you’re doing O.K. If you notice a darker, yellow color, you’re starting to dehydrate.

12. Enjoy foods you like, just have half a cup of that ice cream, not the whole quart. And don’t fool yourself by eating out of the container! You’ll eat just as much or more than you would if you put it in a bowl.

13. Be concerned with the way you eat most of the time to lose the fat. If you indulge every once in a while, don’t worry about it, but be true to yourself.

14. Plan meals and snacks ahead of time. It may seem burdensome at first, but it will become a habit – trust me.

15. Snacking between meals can make or break your weight loss plan...come up with healthier snacks to keep in the pantry and at work.

16. Before you eat something, ask yourself, “What is this food going to do to my body?”

Making better food choices is not easy at first, but once you start to see the fat melt off, and you experience how much better you FEEL, it will become easier and easier!

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