Thinking of Joining a Gym?

Joining a gym is a natural first step for someone who wants to lose weight. 

When people – especially women - join a gym to lose weight, what do they do if they don’t have a plan? 

I have noticed a pattern, and it is usually one of three things:

1) They look around the gym and do what everybody else is doing – and most of what they see is bodybuilding exercises! 

That’s not entirely bad, but most of those moves isolate smaller muscle groups.  Working these smaller muscles does not fire up the metabolism or burn near as many calories as working larger muscle groups.

2) Or, they avoid weights all together because they are afraid they will get “big muscles”, and they just use cardio machines.

(For some reason, I guess they think the leisurely walk they are doing on the treadmill is magically better than a walk around their neighborhood).

 3) They use the cardio machines and then seek out the ab machines and inner/outer thigh machines.

Even some of the magazines that have articles on losing weight still focus on “spot reducing” and isolation exercises because that’s what people want to read about.

I would try to speak to these poor souls as they were strolling on the treadmill and educate them on the need to energize their muscles….but you would think I was invisible the way they would stare straight ahead and pretend I wasn’t there.

Sometimes I would print gentle, helpful pointers on flyers and leave them on the cardio machines….”This will convince them!” I would think to myself.  I would get excited because I would see them reading my wise words. 

But of course, I was disappointed when I would see them not making any changes…and not seeking out the council of that awesome trainer that left them that wonderful advice!

But the sad reality is that the majority of these new gym goers would not listen to me.  But they were dedicated!  Many of them would come to the gym EVERY DAY after work and spend as long as an HOUR on the cardio machines! They would stick it out for about a month to 6 weeks. 

After weeks of following this time consuming, flawed approach, they would see little to no difference on the scales or in how their clothes fit.  Investing that much time and seeing such little progress would be frustrating – I certainly understand why! 

So, many would just simply stop coming to the gym.

They generally would have one of two reasons:

1) “Joining a gym just didn’t work for me”. 

2) Or they decided that if it took that much time and effort, that they just were not willing to keep it up.

If they only knew…As little as 30 minutes 3 times a week of exercise and adjusting your eating patterns can change your life.

Please…don’t make these mistakes.  I provide the truth to you right here at your fingertips! 

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