Got Flabby Arms?

Flabby arms…this is something that plaques many, many women (and men) around the world...well you don't have to live with it!

I had a client that called this “the lunch lady syndrome”.  I said, “What does that mean?” She said, “You know, you remember how the lunch lady in school would scoop food on your plate, and when she did her arms would jiggle back and forth?”

First, before you think that I’m going to show you a magic exercise, you must understand this:  You cannot spot reduce fat!! 

This means that the fat that is on top of a muscle is not directly used by that muscle.

I hate to break it to you, but that is the cold, hard truth.

Don't Put Up With It!

You can do all the exercises there are, but if you are not changing your eating habits and energizing the rest of the muscles in your body, you will just have some really firm triceps under the flab!

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Are Your Hormones in Check?
Many women have a tendency to store fat that they can't seem to get rid of, and many times it sticks to the  back of their arms.

Sometimes this may be because some hormones are out of whack. 

Eating properly (NOT starving yourself!) and doing resistance exercises and cardio can help regulate those hormones.  If you have any questions about your hormone levels, talk to your doctor. 

Even if getting rid of flabby arms was the only thing you wanted to do, the best thing that you CAN do is to work the muscles of your whole body.

The muscles on the back of your upper arm are the triceps.  This 3 headed muscle extends the arm at the elbow. 

These 3 heads are called the Long Head, Medial Head and Lateral Head. Anytime you push on something, you are working the triceps!

The Long Head actually attaches to your scapula (shoulder blade). 

Besides extending the elbow it also works at the shoulder joint during some pulling exercises like one arm rows or pulldowns. 

Also moves that would bring your arms from above your head to a forward and down position. 

The only job of the other two heads  is to extend your arm at the elbow. 

Keep this in mind: The more your arm is bent (flexed), then the further (and harder) your triceps have to work to pull your arm straight.

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8 Exercises for Flabby Arms

Multi-joint exercises that strongly work the triceps (the first two are my favorite):

1. Pushups (any kind, but hands shoulder width or diamond pushups work best)

Pushups on a bench

2. Dips

3. Dumbbell chest press

 4. Bench press (close grip works a lot better, close grip pushups would be even better!)

5. Dumbbell overhead presses/Arnold presses

6. Pullovers with a triceps extension

7. Leaning triceps extension

8. Stability ball rollout (a core exercise that also hits the long head as you pull the ball back to you)

The following 5 moves are also popular for isolating triceps…personally I think with all the mulit-joint exercise options that there’s no need to “isolate” a single joint. 

But if you have interests in bodybuilding or you just want to really feel the burn…

1. Pushdowns (with a cable or an exercise band)

2. Kickbacks with dumbbells

3. Behind Head Extension (with weight, cable or exercise band)

4. Skull Crushers (can be done with a bar, but better range of motion with dumbbells)

5. The straight arm pulldown is technically a single joint exercise, but it works the long head of the triceps, the lats of the back, and your core!  It’s a great exercise to do as part of a CMC (constantly moving circuit).

The best exercises for flabby arms are ones that work the triceps at the same time as other muscles. 

Why is that? Because doing that will burn more calories at one time which will help you lose fat from all over your body.  Exercise smarter, not harder!

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