The BEST Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly!

What are the best exercises to lose weight quickly? Why exercise at all?? Well, exercise helps maintain and/or increase muscle...and you want to do that because muscle tissue is where calories are burned!

Not only does it burn more calories while you're doing it, but it will alter your metabolism in a way that will burn more calories on a daily basis (even when you are sitting on your butt watching TV) and you will lose fat! Period.

What are 6 fat-burning moves you should be doing? Keep reading to find out...also see a sample circuit video!

Are you considering joining a gym? Be smart about it and do not make these mistakes...

One arm row exercise to target arms

The exercises to lose weight quickly are ones that will help you maintain/increase muscle and will help you burn more calories. Want proof?

A 15 year study of over 2,800 men and women was conducted by Dr. Wayne Westcott, PHd, exercise science coordinator at Quincy College in Massachusetts.

He concluded that with at least two sessions of strength training per week the participants averaged gaining 3 pounds of muscle, lost 2 inches around their waist, and dropped 4 pounds of fat – WITHOUT dieting.

Imagine the results they could have seen if they HAD cleaned up their diets!

Warning! If you are a woman, do NOT be afraid of “gaining muscle”. In most situations, women (and men) are REALLY interested in losing inches. (A healthy, athletic person can actually weigh more than an unhealthy person who wears a larger size and “appears” heavier!) Muscle is denser and takes up less space than fat.

If you do these exercises to lose weight quickly, you will probably see a drop in weight even while you gain some muscle.

Sometimes people lose inches and their clothes become loose, but they don't see a difference on the scales.

Remember, it’s really about losing inches and how you look in the mirror that matters! Right?!?

Does anyone reading this know how much Jillian Michaels weighs? Anyone? Anyone?

Does EVERYONE reading this know what Jillian Michaels LOOKS like??

There. I made my point.

So what are the best exercises to lose weight quickly? The best way to answer that is by describing the best TYPE of exercises to lose weight.

There are not a handful of “secret” exercises that will magically make you lose that unwanted fat.

But doing the right kind of exercises on a consistent basis – along with better eating habits will help you lose weight quickly!

To look like this...

...Lift This!

Think you need to stretch before working out? WRONG! Click here to find out what you should be doing...

This is Mark...Mark used to work out SIX hours a week using traditional "bodybuilding" type exercises...I convinced him to exercise SMARTER and eat BETTER.

After a few months of working out only about TWO HOURS a WEEK, and helping him make better food choices, he lost over 45 pounds!

Is bodybuilding right for you? Maybe, maybe not! Click here to read more...

The right types of exercises to lose weight quickly are full body exercises. Also known as whole body exercises or multi-joint exercises.

These types of exercises use more muscles at one time. They also make sense because they translate over to more realistic types of everyday movements.

The more joints that are moving during an exercise, the more muscles that are being used.

This means a quicker workout and more calories burned! So stick to these exercises to lose weight quickly.

Intense, full body exercise “shakes up” your body and helps you lose weight quickly! It’s like a wake-up call.

It’s like your muscles are telling your brain, “Hey, we’re being active and burning calories now so you don’t have to store all those calories as fat anymore!”

THIS is what “speeding up metabolism” is all about!

Single joint exercises just aren’t intense enough to create this synergy.

Bicep curls, leg extensions, wrist curls…these exercises have their place, but not when it comes to losing weight quickly.

Unless you’re an aspiring bodybuilder or you are training for something specific, then stick to this time saving “full body” mentality.

A 3 pound muscle gain increases the metabolism about 7%....that translates to about 100 calories extra per day!

Think of it as working a whole CHAIN of muscles instead of working them one at a time. Doesn't this make sense?

Doing exercises to lose weight quickly is like a football or basketball team…they have to all work together.

Sure, there may be a “superstar” (like a larger muscle in the chain), but the whole team has to work together to accomplish the mission.

Look at this comparison between a single joint and multi-joint exercise…..think of bicep curls – the only joint moving is the elbow. The main muscle worked is the bicep.

Compared to other muscles in the body, it’s pretty small. Instead, do a multi-joint movement that includes the bicep, but also uses larger muscles – such as pull-ups or rows.

Now the elbows AND shoulders are moving! It takes a lot more muscles to move now: biceps, back of shoulders and many back muscles!

So what are some examples of full body exercises to lose weight quickly?

Overhead Presses
Push ups/bench presses
...PLUS any dynamic combinations or variations of the these moves! There are THOUSANDS of ways to put them together.

Yep. That's it! These are the big moves for losing weight quickly - and there hundreds (maybe thousands) of variations of them.

Take a look at just about any successful weight loss program (P90X, Insanity, etc.), and you will see that they make some kind of use out of most or all of these multi-joint moves, or a variation of them.

The video below is a sample circuit using some of these moves. If done at a fast enough pace, it will have a cardio effect as well!

Here’s a cheat sheet of main muscles used during each type of exercise:

Squats: Butt muscles (glutes), quadriceps, hamstrings and lower back muscles.

Deadlifts: Glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, lower back muscles AND upper back muscles and forearm muscles (gripping muscles).

Pull-ups: Lat muscles (the “wing” muscles of your back), rear shoulder muscles, biceps, and forearm muscles (gripping muscles).

Overhead presses: Shoulder muscles, triceps (back of arm), and many core muscles that keep you upright as you lift the weight above your head.

Push ups: Chest, front of shoulders, triceps, and many core muscles that keep your body straight from your toes to your head.

Rows: Same muscles as pull-ups, plus lower back muscles that keep your torso straight.

These moves are the basic components of an endless number of variations that will help you lose weight quickly...

There’s other pages dedicated to each of these moves, as well as pages on how to put them together in fun, dynamic ways as part of a complete weight loss plan. 

To jump right in, click here to start creating your own workout plan!

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