EAT To LOSE Weight!

Of all the exercises I discuss on this site, learning to eat to lose weight is what I consider the toughest “exercise”.

Making the right food choices is an exercise of your discipline and will! Despite the title of my own website, I believe OVER HALF the battle of losing weight and staying lean is clean eating.

You gotta eat to lose weight… if it was easy, there would not be so many overweight people!

But once you learn strategies to change your eating patterns, you will be rewarded with more energy and a smaller waistline!

Keep reading to find out WHY you should be eating every 2-3 hours...

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3 things you MUST DO:
Eat the RIGHT foods, at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT amount. Click HERE to see what a "Perfect Day" of eating would look like!

When you do, you will not be hungry, you will lose weight and you will be full of energy! Forget the word “diet”. A diet is like holding your breath – you can only do it for so long! Eat to lose weight means changing the way you eat for GOOD.

If you don't read anything else, read this...

Never skip breakfast.
Have a healthy, light lunch and dinner.
Have snacks in between your meals.
Try to include protein and carbs every time you eat.

Clean It Up!
Once you start looking at food as a TOOL to CHISEL your body instead of only thinking about the temporary taste, you are well on your way to losing the fat!

Modern, processed food and packaged foods have been stripped of most of their nutrients. Many of these empty calories get stuffed into your fat cells and leave your body STARVING for proper nutrition, and make you feel tired, weak and groggy.

Eat to lose weight and clean eating in particular means eating foods that are as close to whole as possible, avoiding refined foods like bread and pasta. The fewer ingredients on the food label, the better! Click HERE to learn more about Clean eating.

Use Food As a Drug…
Processed foods and foods high in simple sugars digest quickly and raise your insulin levels higher than they should be which causes your body to STORE FAT! When your body gets what it needs, it WORKS better, which means you FEEL better, more alert and full of energy!

Confused about food labels? Click here to find out what all those numbers and percentages mean!

Whole foods contain nutrients your body needs, and they only raise your insulin levels just enough to get the job done. When you eat to lose weight, it sends the right signals to your brain to RELEASE the fat, and preserve muscle.

Got To Have The 3 Basics…
Eat healthy to lose weight includes all of the following:

Protein - builds and repairs muscle tissue and provides amino acids that are necessary for many body functions. What foods are good sources of protein? Click here to find out!

Carbohydrates - (yes, carbs are good for you) are broken down into glucose, which is stored in your muscles as glycogen. Glycogen is the fuel your muscles need. Glycogen = energy.

The brain burns more calories than any other organ in the body and guess what it uses for its main source of fuel…glucose! Good carbs/bad carbs – how do you know?? Click here to find out!

Fats - Unsaturated fats are needed and Saturated fats are not. Fats aid in digestion, help keep your immune system up, assist in making hormones, helps build and maintain tissues throughout the body like nerve cells and skin, and etc.

What are healthy fats and how can they help you lose weight?? Click here to find out!

At the end of the day, it’s the math that counts:

If you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight!

Calories are used basically two ways:
1) Digestion of your food and other bodily functions like breathing;
2) and as fuel for your muscles to MOVE.

So eat BETTER, MOVE more! When you do, not only will you LOOK better, you will FEEL better too.

Speed It Up!
However, another way you can use more calories is by….
Increasing your METABOLISM! Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. Increasing that rate will help you burn more calories throughout the day…it is like turning up the burner on a pot of boiling water! Click here to find out ways to crank up your metabolism!

You Do Not Have to Go Hungry! Learn Right Now What Most People Do Not Understand…
When you go more than a few hours without eating, you get hungry. When you get hungry, your body wants to preserve energy, so it SLOWS DOWN your metabolism. Why?

Because it doesn’t “know” when you are going to feed it again. The longer you go without eating, the slower it gets. So when you finally DO eat, your brain thinks: “Hey that was a close one! I better store up some of this food as energy (fat) to prepare for the next time.” So the solution? Don’t go more than 2 or 3 hours without eating. Eat to lose weight means eating often!

So Where Do You Start?
You need to first determine your eating habits in order to adjust and change it for the better! So first, you got to be honest with yourself so you can learn to eat to lose weight.

I used to be proud of myself for having grilled chicken and veggies for dinner…but then I realized that I was conveniently forgetting the sweet tea I had with it, or that “little” candy bar and Dr. Pepper that I had that afternoon, and that bowl of ice cream before bed!

Calories add up! Everything you eat matters and has an effect! … click here to learn how to adjust your eating.

Learning to eat healthy to lose weight takes some time to get used to because you have to change some of the HABITS of eating that have gotten you where you are now.

But once you experience how clean eating makes you feel better and you start to see the weight coming off, it will become easier and easier to kick those bad habits!

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