Does P90X Work?

Does P90x work?  Of course it can work.  The question should be are you willing to work IT!  Let’s take a quick look at why programs like P90x and Insanity! work. On my page, Create a Workout Plan, I give you guidelines to create a successful weight loss program. 

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3 "Must Haves" to lose fat and tone up:

  1. At least 2 times a week:  Stimulate big muscle groups with multi-joint exercises
  2. 2-6 times a week:  Cardio Exercise
  3. Fine tune your eating habits

P90x works because it meets –and exceeds – these minimal guidelines.  The program calls for workouts 6 – 7 days/week that last almost an hour or more.

What is it and why does P90X work?

P90x also provides nutrition guidelines that focus on adequate protein and healthy carbs and healthy fats. 

P90x and Insanity! are 2 very popular DVD programs.  There are also other programs offered like, Body Beast and Brazilian Butt Lift.

Many of the workouts are done in a circuit which I really love because you move quickly from one exercise to the next with little or no rest. 

Circuit training knocks out "Must Haves" #1 and #2 – stimulating big muscle groups and cardio at the same time! 

The more strictly you follow the plan, the quicker and better results you will achieve!

Your results are directly related to how closely you stick to the program.

An obvious reason why does P90X work...Just the fact that you do so much physical activity, you will burn off a lot of calories and speed up your metabolism. 

Combine that with cleaning up your eating, and you should definitely see some awesome results.

Toned back, toned butt

The strength DVD’s focus on muscle groups like chest/back and shoulders/arms. 

Other DVD’s focus on explosive power movements (called plyometrics) which are cardio intensive, and others focus on kickboxing, abs/core, yoga and stretching.

Muscle Confusion

The system varies the workout enough throughout the 90 days that your muscles never “get used to” the exercise. 

This is another key reason why does P90X work – if you do the same workout more than a few weeks in a row, your body adapts quickly and stops responding.

Pros, cons and reviews


  • P90x and insanity follow the proven methods of energizing your muscles, cardio and eating a balance of proteins, carbs and fat. 
  • You will definitely lose fat and build muscle, even if the program is only loosely followed. 
  • It’s put together in a pre-packaged program that’s easy to follow (I said easy to “follow”, not easy to “do”!)
  • If some of the exercises are too intense, you can do an easier version of the move, or if you need a break you can pause the DVD – who’s gonna know!
  • The variety of workouts will prevent boredom and it will keep your muscles “guessing”.
  • If you are already physically fit, you will enjoy the intensity and the challenge!

Does p90x work?

Here are just a few P90x reviews…

Shawn M. has this to say about P90x and Insanity:

"They both are great programs. I did them both. The P 90x is more strength and core training which works if you follow the proper diet…
The insanity I got more out of due to the fact that there is more cardio which sheds any fat that you may have. The insanity workouts were more intense and focused on a lot of core work as well. If I had to pick one I would go for the insanity for my personal preference."

Richard C., a police officer, comments:
"Does P90X work? Yes it works.  It’s what I used while I was on our Emergency Response Team."

William B. says:

"I have P90X, but I didn’t stay with it for a complete cycle. I did however, use the abs and stretching videos when I didn’t feel like thinking out a routine. I can say they are as tough as you want them to be and seem to give pretty good results.
 I have Insanity also. Stuck it out for 8 weeks (full cycle). I can say it burns fat like nothing I’ve ever seen. It works you from head to toe and really ups your cardio level (strength, no so much)."

Caitlyn C. says:

"As a female, I saw crazy definition and strength when I did P90X.  ….Right now, I’m training for a half-marathon and am incorporating some p90x with it on my non-run days for C/T and strength workouts. I did research on strength training for runners and the exercises they suggested are verbatim exercises in the Legs and Back routine for p90x."

So there you go – these folks saw results using the whole program OR just parts of it.


There’s not many, but here are some things to consider if you are wondering does P90X work:

  • If you are not already in good physical condition, you will need to modify the exercises and/or do fewer repetitions than what is suggested.  You may be able to build up to it, but as long as you are challenging yourself and improving, it will work!
  • Too much?
    Many people may not be able to squeeze in an hour or more of exercise almost every day. Results can certainly be seen with much less. But if you are really dedicated and ready to make a change, you WILL FIND A WAY!  
  • A lot of people may finish the 90 days and be burnt out.
  • You will need some training equipment: dumbbells, resistance bands and pull up bar.

At home...all by yourself?

  • Working out with home DVD programs can have their drawbacks, especially if you are tackling the challenge all by yourself.  Any weight loss routine is going to take self-discipline.

    Having a partner to share in the pain and suffering
    - and the thrill of success - may hope you stick it out.
    Showing up at a gym for a cardio class where the instructor will push you the whole time and there are other poor souls sweating and grunting next to you.

Having strong goals will give you a strong reason to get up and get moving!

Does P90X work if you want to gain muscle size?

  • Fast paced circuit training like these programs promotes great muscle tone and endurance.  If you are interested in gaining size, you will likely need to supplement with heavier weights.
  • The nutrition plans are only recommendations.  Every “body” responds differently to food intake. 
    If you notice decreased energy, poor sleep or anything unusual, you may need to talk to a registered dietician to adjust your eating. 

Here are a few candid “con” comments:

Shawn M. admits:

“…it got boring on the yoga days I did not seem to get too much out of that day so it was always skipped.”

William B. says:

“Personally, Insanity killed my knees to the point that I won’t do it anymore as a primary workout or if I do (as a back-up workout), I have to vary the exercises so much that I can barely keep up with the video.  Insanity is ALL jumping or bouncing or running in place. Its effective but you pay a price.”

Share YOUR P90X results!

Share YOUR P90X reviews – the good and bad!


P90x, Insanity and other at-home DVD weight loss programs WORK because they follow the principles that I tell you about all over this website…working your whole body, cardio and better eating. 

It is not a ONE TIME fix!  Nothing is…You cannot complete 90 days and then think you will always be ripped and full of energy.  You will need to continue energizing your body in some way. 

Permanent weight loss requires permanent life changes!

Maintaining your new toned body can be achieved with (you guessed it)
2-3 challenging workouts;
2 or more cardio sessions per week and
3) Replacing the old eating habits with the new ones you have learned.

Don’t forget:  Circuit training can count as a workout AND cardio at the same time!

Just like every “body” responds differently, different people like different things…some like yoga, some like high impact.  Some like strength training, others like endurance training. 

P90x and Insanity are just two of the many types of workouts on the “buffet of weight loss choices” to choose from that work. 

The key is to pick a program that is right for YOU and adjust it if you need to!

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