Cool Down Exercises are Crucial!

Cool down exercises are important to bring your body back down to normal after vigorous exercise.  You should spend about 5-10 minutes doing them.  Think of this to be like warming up in reverse!  Once the hard part of your workout is over, start slowing it up. 

Want some examples?

If you were jogging, slow down with a brisk walk...

If you were doing an aerobics class or an intense circuit routine like P90X, continue walking around the room, swinging your arms and doing things like slow toe touches…

If you were doing a fast paced weight training circuit, try a few minutes on an elliptical machine.

Got the idea?

3 Crucial Reasons You Should Be Doing It!

  • A heart pumping exercise session pushes blood throughout your body to fuel your muscles.  Suddenly stopping causes the blood to pool in your extremities. 
    This means less blood going back to your heart and then less to the brain and other organs.  This can cause lightheadedness and dizziness.
  • It can help remove metabolic waste from the muscles. It flushes out stuff like lactic acid and carries fresh blood and nutrients to them – this means a quicker recovery!
  • After a few minutes, after you stop breathing so heavily, now is the time to stretch!  Your muscles will be warm and relaxed.  Stretching will increase flexibility and may reduce soreness. 

Cooling down after a tough workout is like slowly applying the brakes in a car that’s going 60 mph – you do it gradually. 

Any bodily movement will do as long as it’s not strenuous.  The goal is to keep the blood flowing until your heart rate returns to normal - your body will thank you for it!

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