Best Core Exercises

What are the best core exercises? Many people think "core"is just a fancy way to describe the abs.  The core is much more than that!

The abdominals are just one of the many muscles that make up the core.  The best core exercises include all kinds of moves that stabilize your midsection. 

(Pssssst.....Please, please don't waste your time with fancy ab machines or contraptions....the best way to work your whole core - including your ABS - is to use these moves here...)

Many of them are “deep” inside and you can’t even see them, but they play a major role in being able to perform just about every move you make.

Do you hate crunches? So do I - and I never do them! You don't have to either.
Want to know why?  Read on...

Woman doing plank as a Core Exercise

The best way to work your core is to do multi-joint exercises that work the core at the same time.

This will SAVE you time and help you achieve the complete look of the body of an athlete!

Leaning ring pullups to work core

"The only preventive solution I've found for back pain is exercise," says Michael Hisey, MD, orthopedic surgeon and president of the Texas Back Institute in Denton, Texas.

"The fix is to stretch and strengthen your core muscles."

The obliques -- the abdominal muscles on your sides -- are especially important for back stability, Hisey tells WebMD.

What is the core? Basically every muscle in your torso!  Every move you make starts with your core.

So strengthening your core will not only help you perform all the other multi-joint exercises to lose weight more effectively, but it will help define the muscles of your abs once you shed the fat!

Think of your torso like the trunk of a tree.  The limbs can only be as strong as the trunk...

A weak trunk is the main reason many people end up pulling their back out when they attempt to lift something.

To understand core abdominal exercises, know what muscles make up the core.

CLICK HERE to see a fascinating description of just some of the core muscles….to learn the best core training exercises read on!

Every multi-joint exercise I can think of engages the core.  But there are some particular core strengthening exercises, like the plank exercise

Every muscle has to contract and tighten to keep your body rigid for this simple, but difficult move. If I had to pick one core exercise, this would be it! 

"Wait a minute", you might say, “I really don’t care about all this core stuff…I just want a six-pack!”

The best core exercises hit those abdominals harder and deeper than any crunches or sit-ups will. 

Plus, you will be toning and strengthening your whole midsection and protecting that vulnerable lower back in the process.

Here is a video of the basic crunch...  Personally, I never do them…and my advice to you would be for you not to waste too much time on them either. 

(Why would I include "crunches" on this page when I said you shouldn't do them? Because so many people search for it on search engines, I would be dumb not to include it.  My hope is to attract them here, then educate'em!)

The crunch focuses on the abs – but the best core exercises listed here work the WHOLE core including the abs.

If your goal is to have a defined midsection, your time will be better spent doing these other core exercises, not just “6-pack” exercises….

There are probably hundreds of core abdominal exercises…Here are a few moves that focus on the core:

In this video...

Oblique Twists;


Knees to Chest and Toes to Bar!  

the bridge exercise

Back Bridge (also on one foot, and on stability ball);

Brdge on a stability ball

In this next video....

Stability ball "stir the pot";

Ball Roll Out (on knees and feet)

Dragon Flag (Bruce Lee’s famous ab exercise – very advanced – be careful!)

5 Compound Moves That Work Your Core at the Same Time!

Doing moves like THIS will give you more BANG for your buck: 

# 1: Front squats and; # 2: Lung with twists...

# 3: Pushups on a stability ball (hands or feet) and

# 4: Mountain Climbers on a Stability Ball

# 5: One arm farmer’s walk

If the weight is heavy enough, you
will definitely feel it! 

farmer's walk with one arm

3 ways to make Core Exercises even better

Doing multi-joint exercises already work the core to some extent. But here are three ways I make it even better!

# 1:  Doing exercises “uni-laterally” or one-sided, require your core to “lock up” in a totally different way. Uni-laterally simply means on one side of your body, or on one leg or with one arm. 

So not only are you working the big muscle groups by doing the multi-joint exercise, now you are activating the core even more than usual! 

#2: When doing a circuit, do a core exercise in between two compound exercises – this saves time and keeps your heart rate up!

#3:  Doing just about any stability ball exercise works the core! Just sitting on the ball works the core because your muscles have to constantly adjust to keep balance. 
If you haven’t used a stability ball before, start out slow and use no weight or light weight. 

The wider you keep your feet, the easier most moves will be.  The closer together your feet, the harder it will be!

The best core exercises are ones that cause you to stabilize your torso…that’s what the core does! 

Core abdominal exercises work the “6 pack muscles” as well as other muscles like your obliques that help shape your midsection. 

To save time, choose exercises that work big muscle groups that work the core at the same time!

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