The Best Back Exercises...Use Them!

Many people forget about back exercises just because they don’t SEE their back when they look in the mirror. But the muscles in the back are some of the largest in the body.

The best back strengthening exercises will help you burn more calories on a daily basis and help you lose weight! Not only will this help you lose weight but it will give your body a complete, balanced and toned look!

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female back muscles
back muscles

You can target and firm up particular muscles by isolating them when you work out, but you cannot target the fat that covers that muscle! Working out the muscles of the back with multi-joint exercises will give you a big bang for your buck and help burn off fat from all over your body!

Multi-joint, pulling exercises work your back, shoulders and arms.  Among the best moves are:

Pullups/Chinups and Rowing Exercises

Lat and Trap Muscles

Major Muscles of the Back


Latissimus Dorsi.
Means “broadest muscle of the back” – also the LARGEST muscle in the upper body; these are the v-shaped muscles of the back. Attach along your mid to lower spine on one end, and your upper arm on the other end.


Diamond-shaped muscles in the middle of your upper back. The upper part of these muscles can be seen from the front where they come up from your shoulders and attach at the back of your neck. The traps have the big job of assisting in pulling your shoulders up, back and down, as well as supporting your upper neck posture and shoulders.

Rear delts: Rear deltoids. This is the rear of your shoulder. It assists the lats in pulling your upper arm back and down.

Lower back: Mainly the spinal erectors. These muscles run up and down the length of your spine and help you stand up straight!

But you came here to learn exercises to help you LOSE WEIGHT more effectively! Including back and shoulder exercises will help you do just that.

The best back exercises are compound exercises. This means more than one joint is moving during the movement. So for back exercises, this means the elbow and the shoulder.

The upper back muscles help you “pull” your arms back or down from an extended position. Upper back exercises such as pull ups, cable pulldowns (also called “lat pulldowns”), cable rows and dumbbell rows are some of the moves that hit the back.

How back exercises work the biceps….
Most back exercises require you to pull your arm from an extended position and bring it closer to your body. This means that your arm flexes at the elbow – that’s exactly what the biceps are responsible for: the biceps pull your hands toward your body.

So the best back exercises not only engage your back, but your biceps as well! Also included are the gripping muscles in your forearms as you hold onto the bar, dumbbell or exercise band.

So why waste your time doing a bicep curl when you can do a pulling exercise that works your back and biceps!

Can’t do pull ups? … No problem!
If pull ups and chin ups are too advanced for you, don’t worry! Lat pulldowns work most of the same muscles. Rows are also great exercises. Pulldowns and rows are usually done from a seated position, but they can be done standing up. If you don’t work out at a gym or have some type of gym equipment at home, exercise bands can be used for pulldowns and rows.

The One arm Dumbbell row is also great for the back! There are a few variations: one hand on your knee, knee on a bench, and leaning one hand on a bench. Barbell rows are also popular, but I prefer dumbbell rows for a greater range of motion and safer for the lower back.

dumbbell rows supported on a bench
Seated Cable Row

Deadlifts also include the back muscles. They hit the upper back (“lats” and “traps”) and the lower back and other core muscles.

Basically, any pulling movements with the arms are going to engage the back muscles. There are many variations of the above listed exercises in many popular, full body exercise programs.

Using good form….
As with all exercises, you should use the correct form not only to keep from hurting yourself, but to ensure that you are effectively working the targeted muscles!

Most back exercises should be performed with a “flat” back, or neutral spine position. This simply means that your back maintains the same posture as if you were standing up straight – not hunched over or slouching, and not overly arched either.

Just like the trunk of a tree is bigger and stronger than It’s limbs, the same is true for the trunk of your body! Just about all movement that you do starts with your core.

A strong core will allow you to perform all of these weight loss exercises stronger and safer!

Women can do the same back exercises as men. There’s no need for women to think of any of these exercises as “manly”.

All of these back exercises will help you burn calories, speed up your metabolism and lose weight.

If you are not including them in your weight loss routine, then I expect you to do so now! Rev up your fat loss and burn more calories in less time.

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