What are the Quickest Exercises to Lose Weight AND achieve a Firm, Fit Body?

IF the quickest way to lose weight was to take a pill or drink a special smoothie, I would tell you about it.

IF the secret to a firm, fit and healthy body was in a shake, a juice, a protein powder, a surgery or one of the amazing devices that you see on late night TV infomercials that you can use at home to lose weight – I would let you know.

On this site, there is no hype. Just tried and true concepts (and new methods uncovered with the latest research) to tone your body and lose fat...for good!

Do you want to be this happy too? --->

losing weight is a great feeling

There is no "One weird trick" that will make you "magically lose weight"...

So accept that, decide to learn what really works...and then do it!

You decide NOW to make changes that will change you, or you decide to keep being more and more miserable every day.

But truth is, there is a lot of bad information and false hope out there. 

You have been lied to, over and over.  

You may have already wasted your money and time on some crazy diet or "ab-erciser"... however fear not! There ARE tried and true concepts that WORK.

Stop trying to grab that carrot that is being dangled in front of you...stop searching for shortcuts with pills, shakes, dangerous diets or cellulite creams...

My goal is to guide you down a path that works for YOU, in the least amount of time possible...

"If we made a list of the top 10 things to do to lose weight, 1-7 would be watching what you eat, and 8,9 and 10 would be exercise", says Christopher Scott, Ph.D, who studies strength training and metabolism at the University of Southern Maine.

FACT 1: You MUST eat right to lose weight - this does not mean starving yourself!

FACT 2: And if you want to have a toned, healthy body, you MUST stimulate your muscles, which will also help you lose weight. And you do that with the right types of exercise...

Remake Yourself!

Rethink how you think!

Remove/Replace: Remove bad habits and bad food, and replace them with better habits and better food!

Below is a sample, whole body circuit exercise routine...

This is a new site with 60+ pages! Keep checking back for more pictures, videos, downloads and more!!

Your body is meant to MOVE! If you don’t stay active and keep those muscles moving, you will waste away and the muscles that give your body shape will turn flabby and weak.

It's all here....Simple instructions for the beginner......and advanced techniques for you crazy, hard core exercisers!

deadlift, great full body exercise

Just because I’ve been a paratrooper, a police/SWAT officer AND a personal trainer does not mean that I always LIKE to exercise!

I have had my own struggles with putting on extra weight, and sometimes I dread exercising just like most people.

So I have sought out the best fat burning exercises and food strategies to lose inches quickly and to help myself stay in shape and keep the weight off without spending so much time working out.

teaching, coaching

And as a personal trainer, I learned that my clients wanted to save time in the gym as well. So I shared my strategies of whole body exercises along with proper eating habits with them.

In fact, many of my clients were dedicated, driven gym-goers who reached a frustrating plateau trying to lose weight.

Many of them worked out at least an hour or more EVERY day!

I had to gently convince them to exercise SMARTER, not harder. I showed them how to cut their gym time IN HALF, or even more!

Are you just beginning? Have you been working out for a while and you've reached a plateau? Or maybe you're just ready to take it to the Next Level?

"Where do I start?
Who do I listen to?
What do I believe??"

Let me guide you, step by step... create your own weight loss plan and learn the secrets to the best cardio workout!

Exercising to lose weight, LOOK great and FEEL great is not a mystery….but there are faster ways to achieve it!

Personal trainers and individuals all over the world have already figured it out. They have learned the perfect recipe for losing weight - and you will find it all right here.

And if YOU have some new and different ideas for new exercises, I want to hear from you so I can share it with others!

If you don’t exercise already, you will find the best weight loss exercises in “how to” pictures and videos, explained in detail.

Fresh ideas, tips and techniques from experts (and people just like you!) from around the world to give exercises more variety and make them more challenging.

You won’t find bicep curls or leg extensions in this guide. Sorry. Why? Because the best exercises to lose weight quickly are whole body exercises, also known as multi-joint exercises.

This simply means that you will use more muscles at one time, which means burning more calories, which means saving time!

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